The PPECB, mandated by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), has been delivering end-point inspection services on perishable products destined for export since 1991. Inspectors, stationed across South Africa, are suitably qualified and extensively trained to deliver consistent quality inspection services on over 200 product types at more than 1 500 locations. Products approved for export carry the passed for export stamp, regarded as a symbol of quality assurance to clients and consumers around the world. As South Africa’s official certification agency for perishable export products, the PPECB‘s impartial and independent services significantly reduces risks for producers and exporters.

The presence of the PPECB in the export industry is furthermore enhanced by its recognition as an approved third country under the European Commission Regulation 543 of 2011. This agreement recognizes the South African inspection systems as equivalent to that of the EU inspection bodies and therefore ensures less frequent checks at the port of import into the EU.

  • Importers

    The PPECB fosters confidence in South African produce by ensuring compliance with relevant export standards. When importing perishable produce from South Africa approved by the PPECB importers can be assured the produce has met the minimum import requirements.
  • Exporters

    PPECB’s inspection services provide assurance to exporters that their produce meets the minimum export standards and requirements of the specific importing country. Our focus on quality assurance significantly reduces risk for exporters while assisting them to become the preferred suppliers of perishable produce worldwide.
  • Producers & Pack Houses

    The PPECB’s quality inspections are a vital link in the value chain ensuring your produce complies with minimum export standards that are acceptable around the world. This includes but is not limited to quality and phytosanitary aspects as well as marking requirements.