The PPECB’s Laboratory is geared for the delivery of analytical services which include mycotoxin analysis, fats analysis, dairy testing and maximum residue level (MRL) testing of pesticides in a myriad of matrices (grain, feed, fruit, vegetables, cereals, peanut butter, spices). These services are performed at a centralized testing laboratory, situated in Centurion (Pretoria). Apart from mandatory services like mycotoxin analysis on groundnuts for the export industry, the laboratory also delivers a range of services to the South African user pay sector. The laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited for mycotoxin, fats and pesticide residue testing (SANAS accreditation Number T0248). The PPECB Laboratory’s vision is to be a centre of excellence in South Africa for listed analytical services.

The value proposition of the laboratory cannot be overemphasized, as it contributes largely to the food safety mandate of the PPECB. The laboratory has the capability to analyse large volumes in significantly short lead times. This is mainly as a result of in-house adapted methodologies and the implementation of a Laboratory information management system. All food safety testing services and continual improvements in the PPECB Laboratory are in line with the overall PPECB strategic objectives of enhancing the credibility of the South African export certificate; supporting the competitiveness of the country’s perishable products; and strengthening the PPECB’s capacity to provide a professional range of services for all its customers.

  • Importers

    When importing relevant perishable produce from South Africa which has been approved by the PPECB, importers can be assured that the products comply with the minimum food safety requirements of the importing country.
  • Exporters

    Services provided by our laboratory significantly reduce risk for exporters by providing assurance that they comply with relevant importing requirements and that their products meet food safety standards for the international market.
  • Producers & Pack Houses

    The PPECB’s laboratory provides vital analytical services which ensures produce meets relevant food safety standards suitable for both local and international markets.