The cold chain can be described as the “seamless movement of fresh, chilled or frozen products, from the production area to the market, through various storage and transport mediums, without any change in the optimum storage temperature and relative humidity”.

The PPECB has been responsible for managing the export cold chain since 1926 and ensures that products leaving the country are handled, stored and transported at specific temperatures and optimum conditions.

  • Cold Stores

    Produce intended for export must be stored or handled in a cold store that is registered and approved by the PPECB. In order to be registered cold stores must undergo annual inspections and certification.
  • Importers

    The PPECB provides assurance to importers that they are importing products of sound quality which adhere to the technical equipment specifications, hygiene standards, product conformity and temperature requirements of the importing country.
  • Logistical Service Providers

    The PPECB provides third party assurance that the container or vessel used to transport perishable products intended for export meets technical and hygienic standards. PPECB Assessors ensure that the mode of transport is technically sound and inspect the cleanliness thereof.
  • Exporters

    The PPECB provides a comprehensive service to exporters which includes the inspection and approval of equipment such as containers, specialised reefer vessels and cold stores; monitoring loading processes and the en-route temperature management of produce.