The PPECB is proud to welcome you to their newly refreshed website.

Over the past year the PPECB has undergone an extensive brand refresh and refinement which included a complete overhaul of the PPECB website. “Our main aim has been to make the website more user-friendly and ensure clients can readily locate the information they require,” said Tina-Louise Rabie, Marketing and Communications Manager. Some of the most pertinent features of the new website include:

  • An electronic contact form which clients can complete should they have any feedback, queries or complaints. This form features on every page of the website and depending on which page the form is sent from it will populate the subject of the contact form and automatically be emailed to the relevant department ensuring queries are handled efficiently and effectively.
  • A Statistics section which includes interactive graphs on the volumes and destinations of key produce exported from South Africa.
  • A Newsroom section where clients can stay up-to-date on relevant news and vital information.
  • A Documents section where clients can locate the latest levies, relevant procedures and handling protocols as well as a range of other downloadable documentation to assist them with their business processes.
  • An advanced search functionality which allows visitors to the website to search the site should they not be able to find what they are looking for.
  • A newsletter subscription form. This is in the footer on every page and will take visitors to a form that needs to be completed to subscribe to the PPECB newsletter.
  • Another important feature is that our website is fully responsive and can be viewed on both tablet and cell phone.

The PPECB aims to assist its clients to establish themselves as preferred suppliers of perishable products worldwide – one way of doing this is by providing timeous and accurate information and a direct link to the PPECB when clients have a concern or query. We hope that our new website is a step in this direction and ensures a better experience for our clients and stakeholders.