The Cool Chain Association from left to right: Vijan Chetty, Edwin Kalischnig,Eric Mauroux,Sebastiaan Scholte, Stavros Evangelakakis, Fabrizio Iacobacci, Gerton Hulsman and Nathan de Valck.

The PPECB is proud to announce that Vijan Chetty, PPECB’s General Manager: Coastal, has been unanimously elected as a Director of the Board for the Cool Chain Association (CCA). Mr Chetty, who has over 20 years’ experience in the perishable’s industry will represent both the PPECB and South Africa at this association.

The CCA Annual General Meeting was held on 19 June 2018 in Luxembourg. The objective of the CCA is to promote the quality, efficiency and value for the transport logistics of perishable and temperature sensitive products by air, road, rail and sea, including all the participants in the supply chain. The Association provides a conduit for the exchange of views and technological ideas, as well as creating partnerships.

The PPECB congratulates Mr Chetty and is proud to have him represent the organisation on this platform.