Dear PPECB Stakeholders


Further to the PPECB’s communication on 19 September 2018, this communique serves to provide an update on the PPECB’s ICT systems which are offline following a malware attack.

On becoming aware of the problem the PPECB immediately isolated the network and initiated a process to rebuild all affected servers. As the organisation is geographically dispersed servers from all regions are being couriered to PPECB’s Head Office to be repaired centrally. This process, although time consuming, has proved effective and we have made considerable progress towards our ICT systems becoming fully operational.

In addition to restoring connectivity we are also focused on ensuring all systems and servers are suitably protected from any future threats. For this reason we are taking extra precautions to ensure that the malware is contained and does not infect any further systems or servers once our network is reconnected. Furthermore, we have hired an independent third party to conduct quality assurance checks on the server rebuild process.

This incident has been exceptionally challenging for the organisation and we would like to take this time to thank our clients, suppliers and stakeholders for their support and patience during this time. Our operational and support staff have, where possible, resorted to manual processes and alternative communication methods to ensure that services continue and we understand that this can be frustrating for all involved. We thus wish to sincerely thank those who have assisted and supported our employees in their tasks – your cooperation and flexibility is greatly appreciated.

We again apologise for any inconvenience experienced as a result of this incident and assure you of our continued commitment to resolving this matter. We will provide a further update as information becomes available.

Please feel free to contact your regional PPECB office or support office staff should you require any further information. A full list of telephone numbers can be found on our website.

Kind Regards
Johan Schwiebus CFO, the PPECB