Why has the PPECB moved to the use of UPLC technology over HPLC?

UPLC technology implemented in the PPECB Laboratory. Tobias Ngobeza (Technical signatory involved in method validation of the UPLC instruments) and Hein Engelbrecht (Laboratory Supervisor) with Water’s service providers during the handover following set up and training (Louis van Huyssteen and Kirsten Willis).

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology forms the core business of its
laboratory testing services of mycotoxins in food, feed and beverages. With ageing infrastructure
(BREEZE HPLC systems) the time to replace them was imminent. With UPLC redefining
chromatographic technologies the PPECB acquired two Acquity UPLC instruments from Waters,
choosing to implement this latest technology to ensure that the results generated are reliable,
relevant and accurate thus maintaining customer confidence in the PPECB’s testing services.

What are the fundamental differences in the two technologies?

UPLC offers similar analytic capabilities as HPLC, but functions at much higher pressures.

What are the tangible benefits of UPLC to our customers?

This increased or ultra pressure of UPLC provides the advantages of improved resolution, shorter run
times, and fewer consumables. As the run times for mycotoxins are reduced, the throughput
increases. By using fewer organic solvents the cost to run a sample is lower and can be viewed as a
greener technology.

This technology simultaneously increases laboratory productivity and reduces operational costs.
For mycotoxin testing the PPECB has shown through its method validation that run times for
mycotoxins are reduced significantly.


Viewed as a strategic technology to increase laboratory productivity; generate accurate and better
visualized results that are available sooner and improve chromatographic performance while
ensuring sustainable use of laboratory resources through reduced costs in energy and solvent use,
the PPECB anticipates that the implementation of this technology will ensure the competitiveness of
our customer’s products in the global market.