With growing citrus volumes annually, there will be increased pressure on logistics. Currently the bulk of citrus, in South Africa, is transported by road, from the different production regions to the ports. In a recent report it was indicated that road transport may not be able to meet the projected demand for citrus transportation. Investment in rail infrastructure is a viable option that can effectively relieve pressure on road transportation. However, the rail transport must adequately maintain the cold chain on pre-cold fruit and those destined for cold treatment markets. Furthermore, this mode of transport should not have an adverse effect on fruit quality. There is currently a rail line being used by some producers running from Limpopo, through Gauteng to Durban. The PPECB conducted a trial where we monitored cold chain management on pre-cooled fruit transported by rail from Bella Bella to Durban. This trial is still on transit to the market. Results of the trial will be reported as soon as the fruit consignment reaches the target market and a fruit quality report is received. It is hoped this will greatly assist the work done on improving and promoting rail transport as an alternative to road transport.