The PPECB is proud to announce that on 2 July 2015 the first Export Certificate for Citrus was generated using the Project Titan system for a shipment destined for the European Union (EU). This achievement is testament to the dedication of all PPECB stakeholders and highlights the importance of collaboration of all parties in the value chain in order to achieve a collective objective.

The PPECB wishes to thank Market Demand Fruits, the first citrus exporter to use the Titan system for export certification. The dedication of your team to this initiative was vital in ensuring the project’s success. Furthermore, we wish to thank the following without whom this would not have been possible:

  • Packhouses: Sonlia, Thornlands, and Morelig
  • Coldstore: Stellenpak
  • Packhouse system vendor: Farsoft, Prophet QX, MJIT services
  • Exporter system: Prophet QX
  • Logistical service provider: Freight Logistics 4 U
  • Clearing and Forwarding agent: B&L Export Consultant

The process followed in order to achieve electronic export certification involved the following steps: The relevant packhouses made use of the Project Titan website to validate the PUC, variety, and orchard number before packing and exchanged pallet data with the PPECB tablet system. Before the container was loaded the exporter pre-validated stock information against the PPECB inspection data and the DAFF EU citrus database. After the container was loaded the exporter transmitted an electronic file to the PPECB in order for the PPECB to generate the addendum and export certificate. This entire process was paperless.

Below is a diagram which graphically represents the process flow of the Project Titan system.


The PPECB would like to urge all pack houses to register on the Project Titan website ( and to contact us should you experience problems in this regard. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email the helpdesk on: .

If you require immediate assistance please find below the contact details of our support team:

Rene Blaauw                         082 445 7615

Ann Jones-Kritzinger                    082 894 5526

Alana Coetzee                      072 507 7917