The PPECB is mandated by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to deliver statutory services on perishable products destined for the export market. The PPECB reviews its fees and tariffs annually to ensure that it will meet its service commitments.

The PPECB’s strategy is focused on improving service delivery to its customers while making every effort to consistently comply with the law while carrying out its mandate.

The strategy for 2018-19 continues to address capacity constraints while considering the negative impact the drought has had on the industry and to use resources skilfully to limit levy increases despite additional responsibilities entrusted to the PPECB such as orchard inspections and phytosanitary certifications.

The PPECB’s fee increases are annually determined by applying a differentiated fee and levy model, which considers actual volumes over the past three years as well as expected expenditure and volumes for the year ahead to determine fee increases.

Capacitating the PPECB to comply with its mandate, to be client centric and operate effectively and efficiently in the current volatile and tight regulatory environment, makes the increase of fees inevitable. The PPECB’s Board Members approved the following increases in fees and levies of all statutory services:

• APS Inspection Fees 5.8%
• Citrus and Exotic Nuts 8.5%
• All other Cold Chain Services: 5.8%
• Food Safety Certification Audits 6%
• Laboratory Services: 6%
• Hour rates: 5.9%
• Kilometre rates: 5.7%

The differentiated increases above are necessary to eliminate cross subsidisation between different services, products and industries as well as to sufficiently resource the PPECB to deploy and position officials at the increasing number of activity point’s countrywide in order to fulfil its mandate. A summary of the PPECB’s statutory fees and levies applicable from 1 April 2018 is attached and will be made available on the PPECB’s website at www.ppecb.com.

Further to the above, National Treasury announced an increase on valued added tax (VAT). The rate has changed from 14% to 15% with effect from 1 April 2018. Kindly note that this rate change will be effective on invoices issued from 1 April 2018. Should service have been provided before 1 April, the current VAT rate (14%) will apply. Should you have any queries please contact the Accounts Receivable Department on 021 – 9301134.
We thank you for your co-operation in this regard and would like to assure you of our best service at all times.