Climate change is a global concern with far reaching implications such as threated food security, sustainable development and human livelihoods. Therefore, this is a topic that has attracted a lot of research interest all over the world. The PPECB’s Research & Development Unit, at the request and support of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), conducted research on the impact of climate change on the quality of fruit and vegetables produced in South Africa. A report on this topic was concluded and submitted to the OECD in November 2022. The report was well received and has been presented at many OECD platforms. The most recent of these, was a webinar held by the OECD and COLEAD which was titled: OECD-COLEAD Fruit and Vegetable Industry Session no4 where Parton Khumalo, the Research and Development Manager at PPECB presented the report. The presentation got the interest of Freshfel-Europe who requested the findings to be reported at their annual event in Brussels, which was held on 25 May. Due to the short notice, PPECB was not able to travel to Brussels for the event however, an OECD representative gave the presentation on our behalf. Undoubtedly, the PPECB’s Climate Change Project is receiving a lot of attention internationally and has placed the PPECB in the spotlight.