To commemorate the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, PPECB employees eagerly devoted their time to uplift the communities in which they operate. Each of the PPECB’s main offices dedicated 67 minutes of their time to support and assist various non-profit organisations and charities in local communities. The PPECB employees visited old age homes, orphanages, homeless centres, centres for the differently abled, centres for at-risk homeless children, centres for women affected by abuse, child and youth educare centres and educational support centres.

In total, the PPECB donated R70 000 to 13 charities across South Africa.

As the PPECB is committed to the upliftment of its local communities, Mandela Day 2018 proved to be an opportune time to extend our support to the underprivileged and most vulnerable members of our society. We believe that by encouraging our employees to unite for a just cause we can bring about change within our environment and live the values we instil within our organisation.

Thank you to all PPECB employees who participated in this worth-while initiative.