Having a degree or any other formal qualification is a tremendous asset to students trying to put their name on the radar for potential employers, but it’s by far not the only arrow in the quiver. Work experience locks in further potential as it builds useful skills that cannot be taught in the classroom as well as contacts that students otherwise would not be exposed to. The PPECB has been offering Work Place experience programmes for the past three years, as we see it as our responsibility to contribute to the economy and the individual in this manner.

Benefits that this Programme offers participants include:

  1. Work experience equips the individual with certain soft skills such as team work, communication skills and commercial awareness, all of which are sought after by employers, especially at a graduate level.
  2. Work experience also helps individuals to differentiate themselves, an important aspect to factor in when competition for jobs is so fierce.
  3. Work experience equips the individual with knowledge that will enhance their job applications and particularly their interviews. As they have gained a better understanding of the sector they wish to work in, they will be able to talk more authoritatively and ask questions that resonate with the employer.
  4. One of the great things about gaining work experience as a student is that it gives students the chance to try out a role to see if it suits them.
  5. Some long-term internships can lead to full-time employment.
  6. Indeed, the skills – both soft and technically focused will help individuals start on their professional development path.

The PPECB offers workplace experience positions in the following fields:

  • Human Resources
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement

The application window will open on 01 November 2015. To apply please visit the careers page on the PPECB website and keep an eye out for when new internship vacancies are posted.