Innovation is one of the new PPECB values and the PPECB Research & Development Unit was tasked with establishing a platform that will drive this value within the organisation. The platform, comprising individuals from different departments and regions within the PPECB, was established in September 2022. Since establishment the members of the forum have held several meetings in preparation for the official launch which took place in April 2023. The platform has been branded FUSE with a tagline: “Think big. Work smart”. While innovation has always been a key focus within the PPECB it has been taking place in isolated silos. FUSE will allow these ideas to be brought into the mainstream. Following the official launch FUSE has received six excellent innovative ideas for consideration which are at various stages of testing and implementation. It gives us great pleasure to announce that one of the ideas has passed its testing phase and has gone live. Further information on this will be shared in due course.