On 8 March 2023, a communique was published on the PPECB website outlining a decision taken by PPECB Management to disallow dispensation applications for inclusion of foreign material on perishable cargo. Following engagements with industry and industry bodies, a decision has however been taken to allow these dispensations once again. This will however be under strict conditions without any tolerance on supporting documents.

Firstly, the T13 form (Version 6 or later) that can be found on the PPECB website, needs to be completely and properly filled out by the applicant. The summary section should state this is an application for inclusion of foreign material. On the motivation section, applicants must give a reason for the applications as well as a complete breakdown of the contents that are being added onto the container. In terms of supporting documents, no application will be granted without written consent and approval from the shipping line as well as the importer on the other end. Both need to state that they are aware that foreign material has been added onto the container.

The loading point will have to follow “Prohibition of Foreign Materials” procedure that will be sent with all approved dispensations of this nature. The foreign material will have to be declared in the paperwork submitted to the receiving country as well. Lastly, applicants should expect random spot checks of foreign material conducted during inspections at loading zones.

It is the responsibility of applicants to plan in advance for dispensation applications and ensure that each box is ticked off in the process. Failure to meet any of these stipulations will result in applications being rejected. All correspondence regarding dispensation emails can be directed to dispensations@ppecb.com.