Tender number: RFQ/ICT/LAP/2019/40 – Supply and Delivery of Laptops, Desktops & Monitors has been awarded as follows:

a) Initial Order

      • Imperatech Solutions (Pty) Ltd
      • Datacentrix (PTY) Ltd
b) Panel of Service Providers to be invited for subsequent RFQs
      • Imperatech Solutions (Pty) Ltd

      • Datacentrix (PTY) Ltd

      • Sizwe Africa IT Group

      • Mantella IT Support Services

  Date of publication: 19 November 2019


Tender number: RFP/FIN/EAS/2019/26 Provision of External Audit Services has been awarded to SNG Grant Thornton.    

List of bidders who tendered:

      • MNB Chartered Accountants
      • SNG Grant Thornton
      • Morar Incorporated
  Date of publication: 4 November 2019


Tender number: RFP/HCS/AETP/2019/43AETP Conferencing & Accommodation has been awarded to Trigon Travel (Pty) Ltd.    

List of bidders who tendered:

      • Plan A Events
      • Rail Training International (Pty) Ltd
      • Bozikode Investment Holdings
      • Southern Cross Conferences
      • Siyaqama Business Holdings
      • Trigon Travel (Pty) Ltd
  Date of publication: 20 September 2019


Tender number: RFP/HCS/LDP/2019/27 LDP Conference Facilities 2019 has been awarded as follows:

      • Trigon Travel - Cape Town (LDP4 & LDP5)
      • Southern Cross Conferences – Johannesburg (LDP4)
List of bidders who tendered:
      • Khabowd Projects
      • Mila Wetu Projects
      • Ramasibi Guest Services
      • Revenue Growth Igniter
      • Southern Cross Conferences
      • Sustainable Prosperity Events
      • Thulima Event Management
      • Trigon Travel
      • Turners Conferences
  Date of publication: 18 June 2019


Tender number: RFP/ICT/MFP/2018/05 The Provision of Managed Printing Services has been awarded to Ricoh South Africa (Pty) Limited.

List of bidders who tendered:

      • Business Connexion
      • G&D Distributors Nelspruit
      • First Technology
      • Nashua Kopano
      • Konica Minolta
      • Raydian Empowerment (Pty) Ltd
      • Mantella IT Suppport Services
    Date of publication: 11 June 2019


Tender number: RFP/LAB/WMS/2019/22 Laboratory Waste Management Services has been awarded to Unique Waste Management Solutions.

List of bidders who tendered:

      • RUR Development
      • Unique Waste Management Solutions
  Date of publication: 10 June 2019


Tender number: RFP/OPS/LABELS/2019/12 – Supply and Delivery of Self-Adhesive Labels has been awarded to Faah Printed Labels.

List of bidders who tendered:

      • Paarl Labels
      • Rotolabel
      • Triple SL Tech
  Date of publication: 30 May 2019


Tender number: RFP/ICT/CBT/2018/023Implementation of COBIT 2019 has been awarded to IT Winners CC

List of bidders who tendered:

      • Computer Specialist (Pty) Ltd
      • Phambili IT (Pty) Ltd
      • Crowe Internal Control Solutions
Date of publication: 23 May 2019


Tender number: RFP/ICT/ERP/2018/20 – ERP Software has been awarded to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

List of bidders who tendered:

      • Microsoft Dynamics 365
      • IFS Application
      • Oracle Netsuite
      • Sage Enterprise Management
Date of publication: 17 May 2019


Tender number: RFP/ICT/INFA/2018/019 – Provision of Infrastructure Services has been awarded to Dimension Data.

List of bidders who tendered:

    • Business Connexion
    • Datacentrix

    • Date of publication: 05 April 2019


Tender number RFP/HMC/HOR/2017/14 – Head Office Renovations has been awarded to LCCPM OXIN JV.

List of Bidders who tendered

    • Indawo Construction
    • Katemo General Trading
    • Ismail Davids & Associates
    • BEAP Construction

    • Date of publication: 22 March 2018