As the mandated certification agency for perishable products intended for export, all producers and pack houses are required to register with the PPECB. Registration requires that the producer or pack house first obtains a valid FBO (Food Business Operator) code from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Once an FBO code has been obtained the producer or pack house can register with the PPECB.

The PPECB provides a diverse range of services to registered pack houses and producers which ensures they meet relevant standards relating to regulated agricultural food products intended for export. These services include Food Safety Audits, food safety testing services and product inspections.

The PPECB‘s Food Safety Audits focus on all systems and processes within the production and packing chain such as traceability, worker hygiene and plant protection methods amongst others. Furthermore, the PPECB‘s laboratory, an ISO 17025 accredited testing facility, which services products intended for both local and international markets, provides vital food safety testing services such as mycotoxin analysis, fats analysis, compositional dairy testing and maximum residue level (MRL) testing of pesticides in a myriad of matrices.

The PPECB‘s product inspection services are performed by inspectors, stationed across South Africa, who deliver consistent quality inspections on over 200 product types to ensure the produce complies with minimum export standards. This includes but is not limited to quality and phytosanitary aspects as well as marking requirements.