The PPECB annually invites clients to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to provide the organisation with a metric that can be used to manage the business and improve our service offerings. The CSS was developed to provide an insight into the level of satisfaction our clients experience with the quality of service they receive from the PPECB. The information derived from this survey also assists the PPECB to pin point which services meet, exceed or fall-short of customer expectations.

The annual CSS was communicated to PPECB clients in September 2017. A total of 366 clients responded and the survey returned with remarkable results. The PPECB’s organisational performance target for customer satisfaction for the 2017/18 period is 80% and we surpassed this target by graciously achieving 83%. This percentage reflects the average level of satisfaction indicated by clients on a scale of 0 to 100%.

In addition to this, the CSS also provides a platform for clients to acknowledge and commend PPECB employees who upheld the PPECB values through their exceptional service delivery. A total of 101 employees were noted for their exceptional service. As a service driven organisation, the PPECB is acutely aware that its greatest asset is its people and we are exceptionally proud of these individuals. It is this kind of dedication that the PPEB sees as core to its culture and values.

The PPECB is pleased with the results and for exceeding its target for the 2017/18 period. This serves as motivation to aim higher and continue striving to provide exceptional customer service.
Below are a few extracts from the survey:

“I have always received great service from all at the PPECB. Inspectors always arrive on time for their duties and seem happy to be at work. This positive attitude is rare nowadays and it’s good to still get this from the PPECB. It is always a pleasure to work with staff; these guys are willing to go the extra mile to get things done. I would like to say thanks to all PPECB staff members and I look forward to a great 2018 season.”


“PPECB is of great aid to us in ensuring better business practices as well as produce quality management. This has come in handy in our business’ success and growth”


“Always helpful, when I have a query it is resolved quickly and efficiently and everything is explained to me clearly. Our company values their input and services. Well done and keep it up. Thank you.”