The PPECB is committed to the upliftment of the communities and sectors in which it operates. As such, we constantly scan our environment for opportunities to make a noticeable impact on society.

One such area in which we attempt to make an impact is the sponsorship of industry related events which highlight the dedication and exemplarily performance of those in the agricultural sector. We firmly believe that an industry cannot flourish without the dedication of its workforce and welcome opportunities to highlight those who make a difference in the agricultural sector.

The PPECB, furthermore is proud to host an annual charity golf day which seeks to raise funds for those less fortunate. In 2014 R20 000 was raised for Umtha Welanga EduCare Centre in Paarl, an aftercare facility that caters for 56 underprivileged children.

In addition, each PPECB office across South Africa dedicates it’s time each year to local charities on Mandela Day to honour the great legacy of Nelson Mandela. We believe by encouraging our staff to unite for a just cause we can bring about change within our environment and live the values we instill within our organisation.